Instagram F.A.Q

  • All accounts come in this format
  • How to know age of your account
    In order to get this information you can use this service http://getip.social/tools/creation_date
  • 6-digit verification code
    You have to login to instagram account from the proxy that comes with it. The 6-digit
    code was passed on given proxy.
    If you use your own proxies Instagram will ask you to verify email using 6-digit code.
  • Password resets
    What if you got password reset? You will have to fetch password reset link from mail.ru. Password resets usually occur when your profile started to be suspicious to Instagram crawlers, which means you need to slow down followings/likes/comments/DM’s a bit!
  • Editing accounts
    You can change username, bio, avatar, phone number, email and password in same
    time without getting flagged.
    I suggest you to change all the information after you login.
    But be careful do not use the same domain link (even bit.ly) on more than 5 accounts
    per 1 hour.
    If you’ve got sms verification form do not verify more than 5 accounts per one hour.
  • Deleting posts and posting new ones
    You can delete posts on your account and upload new ones without getting flagged.
    But be careful instagram does not allow to post the same image on large amount of
    accounts. Add some noise in photoshop to make image unique for instagram.
  • Account warm-up and settings
    Make sure you warm up your accounts. No matter how old is account you need to
    warm them up to not get banned.
    1-7 years old accounts should start 200 follows per day up-to 800 in 2 weeks adding
    +50 each day
    1-7 years old accounts should start 200 likes per day up-to 1000 in 2 weeks adding
    +50 each day
  • What is prelander?
    Prelander (shortened bit.ly) is there to confuse instagram bots so they won’t recognize that all the links are to one same domain.Which means you don’t need to buy hundreds of domains, you will need only one with our prelanders!

Facebook F.A.Q

  • Accounts need to use virgin proxies
    In order to avoid instant ban or ID verification you will need to use profiles on a virgin EU or US proxy. Slow down the spamming and increase each day since Facebook crawlers are really intelligent!If you have time it would be great to have some random activity on profiles (liking pictures of big pages, sharing videos of big pages, writing status etc..)
  • Birthday confirmation
    Each account will request birthday confirmation once you buy accounts. When you buy accounts from us you will receive birthday date which you will need to input on a first login.